Hamas uses the public as shields, Israel comes in and ends up killing innocent Palestinians. Is it not possible for the Palestinians to kick out Hamas by force and protect their land? If I remember right, the mass protests in Egypt, the people had not much even if they were MB supporters did a lot of damage, not… » 8/10/14 9:51am 8/10/14 9:51am

Indeed a bad day for privacy rights, as such a concept is imaginary to government figures. It should be interesting if people think this service is a great thing considering pedophiles will now stay away from Google services, and innocent people will still have their privacy violated. » 8/04/14 2:03pm 8/04/14 2:03pm

There are many reasons why they shoot to kill and no reason is valid except self-defense which is not the issue here. No one really knows the concept of shoot to disable, just shoot to kill. This old dude you can see it in his response that with the gun he was shooting to kill, not shooting to disable. He did not… » 7/25/14 3:28pm 7/25/14 3:28pm

I would be using Chrome if it did not ask for a million ports to be open. Typically a browser operates on certain http, https, socks, proxy ports and a few others such as Firefox. Soon as I used Chrome there were extra alerts popping up aside from the rules I gave it from firefox. Even with those rules from firefox, I… » 11/08/13 8:27pm 11/08/13 8:27pm

Simple avisynth script like ffmpegsource("file name") or directshowsource("file name") will give you the ability to open anything to convert in Megui. Then for those interested in Avisynth, its possible to create scripts to enhance video's far more than the original source. Megui is definitely a very good… » 8/24/13 7:57am 8/24/13 7:57am

This is just a theory but I believe the aging of the body is directly related to the development of the brain, and so thinking along those lines, scientist would need to analyze the chemicals in the brain which are "not" at normal levels compared to a healthy individual of same age. Then once those chemicals are… » 8/19/13 12:06pm 8/19/13 12:06pm

If I understand this right, NSA spies on other countries and it gave itself the power to do so. But if I am thinking right their power only lies on US soil and thus they should be only affecting foreign traffic on US pathways which are on US soil. To monitor phone calls outside US, is illegal and does it not mean they… » 8/09/13 3:29pm 8/09/13 3:29pm

The doctor can't be female, he may alter his appearance however gender is never changed plus the series has always been the doctor and his female companion. Is it me or does Peter Capaldi look related to David Tennant? » 8/07/13 7:18pm 8/07/13 7:18pm

In the end all browsers are the same, each have ad blocking and browse well. I'm sporting firefox atm and have for years and recently when I gave chrome a shot I was starting to like it till google updates was always running, and all the permissions chrome needed to modify my system from registry to startup. With all… » 7/19/13 1:14pm 7/19/13 1:14pm